Where do bed bugs come from?

In a few words, global travel. With the advent of global travel, what started in one country can also be brought to another. Bed Bugs are one of these things. They can hitch a ride on baggage, clothing etc. So if someone from one country or area, has a bed bug infestation, the bed bugs from that area can hitch a ride on someone or something ,to another area.

Most developed countries had eradicated Bed Bugs, but with so much travel from third world countries now, what was once a nuisance is now becoming a full blown problem. One thing to keep in mind, dirt does not always equal bed bugs. Bed Bugs feed on blood, not trash. So, even some of the cleanest places can get Bed Bug infestations.

With the elimination of DDT due to health concerns etc. Pesticides, for the most part, no longer work on all forms of insects. Most are designed to work on specific bugs so spraying for one type of bug may not kill off other types. For example, let's say a hotel or apartment complex has an exterminator come in one a month to preemptively spray for roaches.

Years ago DDT, which was the predominate pesticide at the time, would have killed off the roaches, ants, flys and bed bugs all in one fell swoop. Now pesticides meant to kill off roaches etc, will not even phase bed bugs. So, those monthly sprays no longer kill off more then one or two types of insects.

Which is one of the reasons why Bed Bugs are making a resurgence. Bed Bugs are flat and can and do hide in cracks and small out of the way places. But believe it or not they can be seen by the naked eye. So while they might be hard to find, it's not impossible.

Another thing to keep in mind, Bed Bugs can go without eating for almost a year. So don't be tempted to assume that just because a place has been vacant for a while, that Bed Bugs could not be there. You could very well get the surprise of your life.

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