Preventing Bed Bug Infestations

   Bed bugs are very good at moving from one area, town, city, country to another. They can be transported from an infected area by unsuspecting hosts in bedding, clothing, furniture, baggage and boxes. Keep in mind that bed bugs can go without feeding for months on end, so traveling without food does not pose a problem for them.

 Some very simple methods can be used to help stop a bed bug infestation from taking root in your home or place of business. While the methods listed below may not be foolproof, they go a long way to making sure that bed bugs don't put you on the menu.

  • Check all used furniture, beds and couches for any signs of bed bug infestations. For an idea of what signs point to a bed bug infestation, click here Checking For Bed Bugs

  • Cover your mattresses and box springs with a protective cover. The cover should be light in color to make bed bugs visible should they end up on your bedroom furniture. A good example would be white. Bed bugs are reddish brown in color so using a dark brown would be a no-no. Remember contrast is the key.

  •  Also make sure you get a cover that will stand up to wear and tear over time. Should the covering become torn or damaged, do yourself a favor and replace it. Bed bugs have a knack for finding any little nook and cranny to squeeze through.

  • Try to reduce clutter in your house. Bed bugs love to sleep in areas that are not visible, or that are in shadow during the day.

  • When going on vacation it's also a good idea to use luggage racks to pack, unpack. When at all possible never put your luggage on a hotel's bed or floor. Check the mattress, headboard and bedding for signs of bed bug infestations. If you are not sure what to look for go to Checking For Bed Bugs.

  •   When you return home, unpack directly into a washing machine. Also check all luggage, etc. for signs of bed bugs.

Using some or all of the tips we have listed, will go a long way to ensure that you do not become a victim of the bed bug infestations that are currently sweeping the country.


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