Bed Bug Symptoms

 Bed bugs are most active at night. Which is why most people see the symptoms of bed bug bites in the morning, after a nights rest. Assuming you could call it a night's rest. The bite of a bed bug, in most cases, is painless, however just like the bite from a mosquito, the area bitten could turn red, swell and itch like crazy.

Small, raised or flat bumps that itch, on exposed skin,  are the most common symptoms associated with having been bitten by bed bugs. Like most other bites from insects, it is advisable not to scratch the affected area, as you could cause an infection and make the bites that much worse.

One common occurrence is a row of bites, this is caused by a bed bug moving from one area of exposed skin, to another. Needless to say, if the bed bug infestation is large, you will see many bites on the exposed area of your skin.

bed bug bites

Photo of Bed Bug Bites

Another symptom of a bed bug infestation is small dark spots on your sheets, pillow cases, blankets, etc. As a suggested precaution, if you are sleeping somewhere for the first time, motel, hotel, etc., would be to check the bedding for small dark spots. That would include in-between mattresses, inside of pillow cases and between sheets.

While there isn't a cure for bed bug bites, topical ointments that reduce itching and swelling can ease the discomfort associated with the bites. As mentioned earlier in this article, it is best not to scratch the areas of your skin, associated with bed bug bites. Should you find you have bed bugs, we have a page devoted specifically to Bed Bug Extermination .

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