Bed Bug Outbreaks:

This section is devoted entirely to recent bed bug outbreaks. While it would be possible to list Hotels/Motels that have had outbreaks, I will leave that to sites that specialize in that sort of information. One of the sites I use when checking for Motels/Hotels is

This section will only list areas that have had major bed bug outbreaks. I will list the Town, City that has reported an abnormal amount of infestations. These I glean from news sources and government web sites. Should you not see an area that you have heard about outbreaks in, feel free to contact us through our "Contact Us" menu at the top of this page.

Please note that before we list a bed bug outbreak that was suggested to us by a reader, we must first check for reliable sources to confirm the location. The National Pest Management Association conducted a survey of 521 pest management companies and found that almost 95 percent reported having encountered a Bed Bug Infestation problem.

Recent Bed Bug Outbreaks:

New York City:

Numerous reports in the news have listed multiple bed bug outbreaks in the New York City area. New York reported 33,772 bug-related inquiries to its 311 help line. Further figures state that 6.7 percent of adults in the area, reported problems with bed bugs. In fact the Bed Bug infestations are so overwhelming that city officials have allocated $500,000.00 to deal with the problem.

The following List is of the 10 most bed bug infested cities. This List was compiled from a survey of Orkin, one of the biggest pest control companies in the US, from bed bug treatments performed by the company from 2008 through July/Aug of 2010.

  1. Cincinnati, Ohio

  2. Columbus, Ohio

  3. Chicago, Illinois

  4. Denver, Colorado

  5. Detroit, Michigan

  6. Washington, D.C.

  7. New York, New York

  8. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  9. Dayton, Ohio

  10. Baltimore, Maryland

You can read the actual story here Top Ten Most Bed Bug Infested Cities In The US.