Unless you haven't watched or listened to any news for the last week or two, you have heard from just about every news source about the bed bug infestations that are cropping up everywhere. Hotels, Businesses, homes, theaters and even cabs.

Years ago, when I stayed at hotels fairly frequently, every now and then I would awake in the morning with bites. I always passed this off as either chiggers, noseeums for you southern folks, or just plain ole mosquito bites. Later on I found out that these were probably bites from bed bugs.

One thing I have learned to do whenever I stay at a motel, hotel, is check the beds for bugs or what appear to be small spots on the sheets and pillow cases. Even going as far as lifting the mattress and sheets. If I notice any spots at all I will either demand to be moved to another room or just go to another hotel.

If possible I always choose the "other hotel" route, because if one room has them it's almost a guarantee that others in the same hotel will too.

Bed bug Extermination is also one of the hardest things to accomplish. Back in the days of DDT usage, extermination of these pesky critters would have been fairly easy. Now it takes more time and effort, to say nothing of finding just the right chemicals, sprays etc, that will actually kill off bed bug infestations.

We have articles devoted to bed bug extermination that will hopefully point you in the right direction. Needless to say the best way not to get bed bug infestations is avoid areas that are already infested. But in today's mobile society, that's easier said than done.

Having said that, this site is devoted to people who want to know more about bed bugs and don't want to spend a lot of time searching.

We have up to date news feeds, fresh articles and links to sites that will tell you about bed bugs. Hopefully you will find enough info to satisfy your curiosity. If not, suggestions are always welcomed, so if you want to see something added to this site, bed bug related of course, feel free to contact us.

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